Colabs Project



Objectives of project:

Our major challenge is to find ways to support children in building and testing models collaboratively across European cultures and beyond. Our objectives are to provide infrastructure for collaborative work; to provide answers for guiding research questions: with whom, how and what kinds of knowledge should children learn at a distance and how best can they be supported in this learning; and to develop learning tools that can be transferable into other domains using the Imagine authoring system.

 Types of activities:

 Target groups:

Outputs provide suitable materials for nursery, primary, elementary, and secondary school children or those learning through alternative forms as well as teachers and developers wanting to be able to create collaboratories for different themes.

Evaluation/ dissemination strategies:

The quality of products shall go through internal quality assurance procedures.

Evaluation of the quality of learning shall take place in local institutions associated with partners and on an international scale through internet. Each country will involve local stakeholders, educationalists and policy makers in the evaluation process.

Developed materials will be disseminated via the web to educational institutions across the partner countries and beyond. Promotion for specialists will take place through local and international conferences and papers published in Journals.

Products and outputs:

Methodology, environment and tools to enable communication and development using Imagine authoring tool. Collaboratories developed on different themes and translated to partner’s languages. Report on the evaluation of use in the learning process. Guidelines to users, teachers and developers translated to partner’s languages. A networking web site to gather users and facilitate exchange.