Colabs Project


Eötvös Loránd University, TeaM lab - coordinator

The (Teaching with Multimedia) TeaM lab has been established in 1997 within the Informatics Methodology Group of the Eötvös Loránd University. The lab's profile is the application, teaching, experimentation, evaluation, research and development of innovative multimedia tools and methodologies for the benefit of effective learning and developing skills. R&D activities involve students (doing Ph.D. research and courses, dissertations, and undergraduate course assignments) as well as the work of experimental schools' children and teachers. This TeaM-work is reflected in all activities.


Comenius University

Department of Informatics Education is mainly focused on master degree program of Computer Science Teachers Training and bachelor's study of Computer Science and Applied Computer Science. The department is involved in several international research projects mostly devoted to the development of educational software. The obtained experience and long-term interest in role of Computer Science in education has been utilized in several curricula, textbooks and different kinds of methodology materials for Computer Science courses at basic and secondary schools. Extra-curriculum activities are a natural part of educational process. The department is therefore organizing summer camps focused on building and increasing computer and algorithmic skills for children aged 9-15. Working with talented children and organizing several computer science oriented competitions for them has a long tradition here, too.

Logotron Ltd. Educational Software Publishing Group

Logotron is an innovative software publisher for high performance networked personal computers in the education market and is now the largest privately held Educational Software Publisher in Europe. It has an established reputation for quality, particularly in its range of products aimed at primary and secondary education.


Cnotinfor is an ID company, founded in 1988, basing its action upon reflection, research and training on educational fields. Cnotinfor works with children, parents and teachers to build and to improve materials for creative learning. Involves 12 permanent collaborators with pedagogical, programming, design and training skills and also external experts on a regular basis.


The Centre for Informatics and Technology in Education is an in-service teacher training centre in Warsaw responsible for preparing teachers of various background to teach in Polish secondary schools: Information Technology and Informatics; helping teachers to become confident and competent users of ICT in everyday professional practice; developing and dissemination new methodology in the area of using ICT in learning and teaching and relevant resources.

Cnotinfor Brasil Education and Technology