Colabs Project


Project title: CoLabs
Reference number: 101301-CP-1-2002-1-HU-MINERVA-M
Name of Coordinator: Márta Turcsányi-Szabó
Organisation: Eötvös Loránd University, Informatics Methodology Group
Address: 1117, Budapest, Pázmány Péter Sétány 1 C.
(+36 1) 372 2700/8471,
fax: (+36 1) 381 2140 
Duration of project (in months): 28
Starting date: 1.10.2002

Partners involved:
:  Eötvös Loránd University, Informatics Methodology Group, TeaM Lab, (co-ordinator)
Slovak Republic: Comenius University, Faculty of Mathematics, Physiscs and Informatics, Department of Informatics Education
United Kingdom: Logotron Ltd. Educational Software Publishing Group
Portugal: Cnotinfor - Center of New Technologies of Information Ltd.
Poland: OEIiZK,  Centre for Informatics and Technology in Education
Brazil: Cnotinfor Brasil Education and Technology

Total fund: 316 223 EUR

 "Colabs" is a Socrates Minerva funded project: 101301-CP-1-2002-1-HU-MINERVA-M.