TeaM CHALLENGE Internet games





The games are developed and managed by future Informatics teachers who are attending the classes of TeaM lab at ELTE University. The two semester course named „Telementoring” has the project deliverable for producing and managing the game.

Every year students attending the course sum up the experiences of past years and design a brand new game for the current year. Current games are always based on current issues into which their own personal professional ambitions and learned innovative technologies are blended and supported through mentoring participants.


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Organisers: ELTE TeaM lab

Márta Turcsányi-Szabó - turcsanyine @




TeaM Challenge 2008 - 2009

The goal of this year's international game is to meet with other cultures and get acquianted through communication. The game takes place from 1st November 2008 till 23rd January 2009.


You can find more information about the game HERE.




TeaM Challenge 2008 „Fight! Dare! Winn!”

This year’s event is connected to an important event, organized in China, the Olympics. The game took place in three tournaments between 2008. February 4. and April 30.


Game portal is accessible at:





TeaM Challenge 2007 „Help, humans!”

This year’s deals with environmental issues in two tournaments between 2007. February 5 and April 27.




Game portal is accessible at:



TeaM Challenge 2006 “The sea of memories

This game is not a continuation of the previous, but has an original theme, structure and content, with an attempt to alter and renew the challenge series. Here the students are faced with items, photos and letters found in an old chest in the attic of a lonely house, which is introduced by a short story. They have to find out the keys to the mysterious items and connection between them, if there are any. They also have to write a short essay as continuation of the story explaining who the owner might be.


TeaM Challenge 2005 “Get to know the world collaboratively through the Internetl

Similarly to the previous one, but mysterious puzzles had to be submitted by the children themselves and the emphasis was on collaborative work.



TeaM Challenge 2004 “Get to know the world through the Internetl

Similarly to the previous one, but here the scope was extended to the whole world and the emphasis was on developing creativity.





TeaM Challenge 2003 “Get to know the EU through the Internetl

The second such game the following year was a national movement and was launched together with John von Neumann Computer Society on the centenary of John von Neumann’s birth and concentrated on the preparation for the coming elections to define whether Hungary wishes to join the EU in 2003. 100 schools participated and turned the event into a big success:


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TeaM Challenge 2002 “Get to know Hungary through the Internet”

The first game was developed as course assignment and redone by some students after the autumn semester to be launched dueing the spring semester next year in 2002. 50 schools (even a Hungarian school from Slovakia) and telehouses participated and made it a success:


·         Kaszás Péter, Réthey-Prikkel Brigitta (2003): Kihívás 2002 – internetes keresőjáték 10-14 éves gyerekek számára, Új Pedagógiai Szemle 2003 július-augusztus.